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Suspension Training Essentials is a one-of-a-kind course designed by Further Your Fitness.


Earn 10 CEC's and work at your own pace with this online course.

Build an impressive physique while improving your full body strength and regaining lost ranges of motion.

Ever wanted to do a strict muscle-up?


Sign-up and learn the following;


  • Full-body mobility techniques
  • Progressive weighted stretching
  • Why your scapula is more important than you think
  • The hollow-body position
  • The keys to a strict muscle-up
  • How to loosen up your frozen back and shoulders
  • Hang variations
  • Inverted row progressions / regressions
  • Incline push-up progression / regressions
  • Archer chins
  • Ring roll-outs


And much much more!

Suspension (10 CECs)

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