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Learn the basics in suspension training, boxing AND kettlebells.


Earn 37 CEC's and work at your own pace with these online courses.


Gymnasts are the strongest, most flexible athletes in the world. Ever wanted to be able to do a strict muscle-up? Build an impressive physique while improving your full body strength and regaining lost ranges of motion.


Add some new combos to your PT arsenal - learn to box from a professional.

Build an explosive gas tank with kettlebells - improve your full body strength, power and endurance.


What you can expect from Battleropes;


  • 7 CECs
  • his course will give you the skills to facilitate battleropes training with your clients as well as a range of more advanced exercises for programming progressions.


What you can expect from Boxing;

This course will enable you to instruct clients in basic boxing technique and conditioning.

Learn the following;

  • 12 CECs
  • The stance
  • The jab
  • The cross
  • The uppercut
  • The body rip
  • The hook
  • Correct pad holding stance and posture

    * Boxing course includes a face-to-face component


What you can expect from Kettlebells;


  • 15 CECs
  • Full-body, functional movements and exercises
  • Technical instruction that will optimise athletic performance

Specifically, you can expect to learn the following;


  • The Swing
  • The Turkish Get-Up
  • The Clean
  • The Press
  • The Snatch
  • Tactical lunge


And much much more!


Boxing (12 CECs) + Battleropes (7 CECs) + Kettlebells (15 CECs)

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