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Learn the basics in suspension training and kettlebells.


Earn 25 CEC's and work at your own pace with these online courses.


Gymnasts are the strongest, most flexible athletes in the world. Build an impressive physique on the rings and help your body to regain lost ranges of motion. Ever wanted to be able to do a strict muscle-up?

Build an explosive gas tank with kettlebells - improve your full body strength, power and endurance.


What you can expect from Suspension;


  • 10 CECs
  • Full-body mobility techniques
  • Progressive weighted stretching
  • Why your scapula is more important than you think
  • The keys to a strict muscle-up
  • How to loosen up your frozen back and shoulders

What you can expect from Kettlebells;


  • 15 CECs
  • Full-body exercises
  • Technical instruction that will optimise performance
  • How to do proper swings and Turkish Get-Ups


And much much more!


Boxing (12CECs) + Suspension (10 CECs) + Kettlebells (15 CECs)

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